Eclipse is a leading supplier of custom automated manufacturing equipment for the Energy, Health Sciences, Transportation, Mining, Consumer, Industrial and Electronics industries. Using a combination of diverse knowledge and expertise, Eclipse Automation offers a more complete turn-key solution to all your automation needs.

Customer Focus

Using a customer-focused approach, Eclipse works closely with clients to explore the most efficient solutions and identify opportunities for improvement in order to achieve sustainable, long-term benefits. Eclipse’s goal is to be transparent and trustworthy, with the lines of communication open to everyone.


Innovation, for Eclipse, is the foundation for quality, service, growth and an active corporate culture. The work Eclipse executes is not monotonous; instead it provides stimulating projects that give employees the opportunity to learn new skills, be innovative, collaborate and test their knowledge in order to offer exceptional outputs for our clients.

Vertical Integration

Eclipse’s vertically integrated operations allow all design and manufacturing processes to be completed in-house. The combination of diverse manufacturing knowledge and structured processes enable Eclipse Automation to deliver the best in production value regardless of the industry.


Eclipse Automation’s in-depth understanding of its market, needs, products and level of service expected, combined with its diverse overlap of skills, industries and knowledge provides customers with the most complete turn-key solutions available. Evolving on a day-to-day basis, Eclipse stays flexible in its ability to find the most integrated innovative solutions that add client value and enhance business operations.

Advanced Technology

Custom built for the most efficient production of factory automation equipment, Eclipse uses only the latest in mechanical design software and maintains expertise in cutting edge programming and electrical design technologies. The finest in CNC and conventional machining are used and all turn-key automation solutions are tightly controlled using our proprietary resource management software and dedicated project management.