Eclipse Automation is determined to comply with the letter and the spirit of the law, in North America and overseas, being fair and transparent in all its dealings. By actively promoting initiatives centered our governance policies and being diligent in education efforts, Eclipse Automation hopes to ensure that compliance awareness extends to all its employees and consumers.

Current Initiatives Include:

  • Governance Policies which are designed to ensure that our employees conduct their work activities in accordance with applicable laws. These include, but are not limited to:
    – Code of Ethics
    – Human Rights Code
    – Employment Standards Act
    – Accessibility Act
    – Workplace Harassment Policy
    – Personal Information Protection and Electronics Act
    – Occupational Health & Safety Act (incl. Worker & Supervisor Awareness)
  • Annual Audits ensure that we are compliant in all aspects of our business in an effort to reduce risks and adjust business strategies.
  • Training is provided to all our employees with regards to our governance, best practices, and health & safety policies. We offer first aid training to our employees, as well training in the Young & Vulnerable Worker Program for our co-op students.
  • Certifications ensure that our procedures and operations achieve a specific standard and that we are compliant in regards to the specific rules and regulations. Our certifications include:
    – CWB Certified (W47.1 & W47.2)
    – ISO 9001:2009 Certified
    – Electrical Safety Authority
    – Controlled Goods Program

Future Initiatives Include:

  • Redefining Governance Policies to reflect our growing business operations.
  • Educational Training / Webinars to educate employees on business compliance regarding topics such as copyright, security control and products liability law.
  • Corruption Prevention Measures will be made effective in response to global expansion and rising society demands, which include raising awareness about Anti-Bribery Guidelines.

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