Eclipse Automation’s emphasis on open communication with regards to our business strategy, operations and vision demonstrates our commitment to it employees, clients and affiliates. We believe that by maintaining responsible business practices we can enhance our business operations and decision making. Our fair business, marketing and advertising practices ensure the utmost in the quality and reliability of the products we provide to our consumers.

Current Initiatives Include:

  • Corporate Review Policy takes place every 6 months for new hires and annually for all employees to assess performance, quality and efficiency of each individual.
  • Health & Safety Meetings occur quarterly to discuss changes to the workplace, training and policies.
  • Company Meetings occur twice a year, giving all employees important details about the company’s vision, operations and changes in policy.
  • Production Management Meetings occur weekly and discuss project statuses in order to provide the most diverse opportunities to help advance employee skills, knowledge and experience levels.
  • Project/Process Map found in the Intranet, offers all employees one stable reference guide to how each division of the company is run. The chart includes links to supporting documents and templates for each process as needed. Management & Department heads are being trained to use this software.

Future Initiatives Include:

  • Refining the Vision & Mission Statement to harmonize the views of our employees, communities and business operations in light of our corporate expansion into the global market.
  • National Contact Points will be created to provide additional visibility, accessibility, transparency and accountability to our employees, consumers and communities as we continue to expand.
  • Positive Reinforcement Initiative will be directed towards encouraging good work and good behavior, whether internal or external.

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