Eclipse Automation feels strongly that the economic growth of a company and conservation of the natural environment are compatible. Our environmental efforts are focused on where we have the most opportunity to make a difference, including energy and waste management, reducing emissions and creating sustainable solutions for our clients.

Current Initiatives Include:

  • Eco-Friendly Bikes are available for our employees and clients to use when travelling between local offices in an effort to spare the climate from needless vehicle emissions. Eclipse bikes are equipped with a box on the back to carry papers, tools and other small objects.
  • Corporate Recycling Program is in place in our offices to recycle papers and plastic.
  • Electricity Efficiency Program can be seen through our various postings around our office and on our database to prompt employees to turn their computers off after work in efforts to reduce energy consumption.

Future Initiatives Include:

  • Waste Reduction will be implemented to reduce our paper consumption. We hope to include employees, suppliers and clients in this initiative through various types of notices.
  • Compost Program will correspond with our recycling program in efforts to reduce the amount of garbage our company creates.
  • Quarterly External Newsletters will provide valuable information to our customers and affiliates, and keep them informed about any upcoming company changes, announcements or Eclipse Automation events.
  • Environmental Day Celebrations to raise employee awareness of the environmental impacts and changes occurring on a local, national and global level.

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