At Eclipse Automation, we select, place and promote employees on the basis of their performance and ability for the work to be performed, without discrimination because of race, ancestry, place of origin, color, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, sex, sexual orientation, age, record of offences, marital status, same sex partnership status, family status or handicap. We attempt, to the best of our ability, to provide stable, secure employment and to promote self-development, assisting employees in improving and broadening their skills for their present and future positions. We believe that maintaining level of respect, understanding and trust between employees and management ensures a comfortable and efficient work environment.

Our business relations are much the same, as our diversity extends across multiple industries, with various project sizes and locations. Eclipse Automation is customer-focused, working closely with our clients to ensure they receive the best in quality and service. Our goal is to be transparent and trustworthy, with the lines of communication open to everyone.

Current Initiatives Include:

  • Employee Suggestion Boxes within our plants to encourage free expression of ideas for workplace improvement, safety and social actions.
  • Open Door Policy encourages employees to stop by whenever they feel the need to meet and ask questions, discuss suggestions, and address problems or concerns with management. We hope to foster an environment of collaboration, high performance, and mutual respect between upper management and employees, all while sustaining employee empowerment and morale.
  • Inside Eclipse is our internal website for employees in order to enhance collaboration and communications. With forms, benefits, guidelines, payroll, and recent news, our intranet is not only a reference guide, but helps to keep Eclipse employees up-to-date with knowledge about our company, clients and surrounding communities.

Future Initiatives Include:

  • Anonymous Employee Surveys will allow employees to voice their opinions openly on various subjects, such as social engagement, health & safety, management practices and job satisfaction.
  • Peer Mentoring Programs will help to improve employee engagement, increase leadership and career planning, inspire innovation and create a culture that stimulates and supports topical learning by providing access to a range of experts in different fields.
  • Quarterly External Newsletters will provide valuable information to our customers and affiliates, and keep them informed about any upcoming company changes, announcements or Eclipse Automation events.
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