Eclipse Automation is a strong supporter of social awareness and activeness, whether it’s on an internal, employee level or involving our surrounding communities. Our staff members have been long time contributors to various local charities and educational facilities, providing a substantial amount of volunteer leadership within the Cambridge, Kitchener-Waterloo, and Guelph communities.

Our goal is to create and maintain community-focused relationships that thrive on positive support and active social interactions, regardless of the division or industry. By creating a culture of community cooperation, Eclipse Automation hopes to empower its employees and surrounding communities.

Current Initiatives Include:

  • Active Social Committee includes 7 members who create and organize company events, help to create topics for the internal newsletters, and keep employees informed of community activities.
  • Internal Events are organized for employees and their families, including a children’s holiday party, adult holiday party, annual golf tournament, BBQ’s and raffles.
  • Weekly Community Events are communicated through our intranet to encourage employee participation in fundraising events and family friendly activities within surrounding communities.
  • Local Sponsor for numerous sports teams and charities within the Cambridge, Kitchener-Waterloo and Guelph areas.

Future Initiatives Include:

  • Employee Recognition Program will be implemented to provide positive feedback, while also reinforcing and encouraging work that advances employee, team, and institutional goals and values.
  • Community Participation will be encouraged to participate in local charitable events, offer educational tours to local schools, and support international organizations that fall within our diverse spectrum of industries that align with the Eclipse brand.
  • Fundraising/Donation Activities will be created inside the office, with the possibility of extending our donation reach to the community and our partners in order to raise money for local charities and organizations.

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