Eclipse’s diversity, knowledge and expertise offers a complete turn-key solution that lowers costs, enhances production and creates new opportunities. 


Eclipse Automation’s one-stop-shop philosophy provides progressive solutions for a diverse spectrum of industries, including Energy, Health Sciences, Transportation, Mining, Industrial & Consumer and Electronics & Telecommunications. With all design and manufacturing processes completed in-house, Eclipse’s cross-divisional exposure and experience offers you progressive views on automation, providing a more complete turn-key solution than others within the industry.


Eclipse Automation monitors relevant industries within the manufacturing landscape, searching for emerging markets, trends and new technology in order to provide the best in service and technology.  This in-depth industry knowledge, combined with an understanding of customer needs, enables Eclipse to conceptualize, design, build, integrate, install and service any sized innovation, offering you a pro-active approach to finding and solving unforeseen business challenges.


Working closely with you to explore the most efficient solutions, Eclipse incorporates your goals, scope, and measurables directly into each step of the project. Eclipse experts work on one-of-a-kind projects that exercise their knowledge and skills on a consistent basis, ensuring that you receive the most innovative solutions that add value and enhance business operations. Furthermore, partnerships in countries such as China, Belgium, Ireland & Mexico allow Eclipse to meet your needs on a global scale, delivering the finest quality equipment at a competitive price.