At Eclipse Automation, our mission is to deliver worldwide innovative solutions and operational excellence through the continual improvement of our corporate culture, capabilities, services and systems.
We understand that our actions as a company can affect our clients, partners, employees and the local community. For this reason, Eclipse Automation strives to be an accountable, transparent company whose main focus is to enhance its existing and potential relationships through its operations and practices.

Through a combination of knowledge and experience, Eclipse aims to provide its customers with progressive solutions that add the most client value in a cost-efficient manner, while also maintaining customer confidentiality. In order to do so, our company uses a vertically integrated business model, completing all design and manufacturing processes in-house. Eclipse seeks to unify its offerings with changing customer needs on a more global scale by creating mutually beneficial partnerships with world-class companies in a diverse range of industry sectors. We are responsible for creating a respectful, skilled and safe work environment by encouraging employees to challenge themselves, be innovative, collaborate, and integrate their visions into our works. Our company focuses on active employee engagement to strengthen and enhance its internal culture, extending its support into local communities through charitable initiatives.

Eclipse Automation believes that a healthy work environment, engaged lifestyles and supportive relationships all contribute to its overall business excellence.