Eclipse’s history is marked by its diversity, innovation and customer-focused approach. Working with top industry leaders, Eclipse is expanding globally to meet market needs.

In 2001, Steve Mai, Todd Ronald, and Richard Bula partnered to combine their strengths and knowledge in automation, manufacturing and software development to create Eclipse Automation, a privately-held, diverse one-stop-shop.

With the company’s rapid expansion, Erik Woerner became a partner in 2007, helping to lead Eclipse’s growing operations. Having numerous Fortune 500 clients, the company is now a leading supplier of custom automated manufacturing equipment for numerous diverse industries.

A combination of strategy, know-how, and timing strengthened Eclipse, through the acquisitions of JR Fabrication in 2007, then Forefront Automation in 2011. The Forefront acquisition was a pivotal moment for Eclipse Automation, as the company strengthened its existing customer base, while also gaining numerous employees with diverse expertise and opening the company to new opportunities and continued growth.

In 2014, Eclipse Automation expanded its operations into the U.S., with facilities in North Carolina and California, to offer customers more flexibility and efficient services. By providing market leadership and leveraging its dynamic capabilities, Eclipse’s complete turnkey approach and automated management systems allow the company to rapidly diversify, increasing its ability to grow and evolve with market trends.

In 2015, Eclipse expanded its Cambridge operations, helping to unify the company’s demands. The expansion also increased Eclipse Automation’s operational capacity, enabling it to continue its commitment to enhancing its in-house capabilities and generating new opportunities for larger scale projects.

In 2016, Eclipse became part of a global collaborative partnership called the “Smart Automation Group”. The group consists of Eclipse Automation Inc., Insys Industriesysteme AG, Transmoduls Ltd, ITE Automation Ltd. and NSW Automation Co., Ltd. With offices in Canada, the United States, Hungary, Switzerland, and Thailand, the group aims to offer unique, cost-effective, and scalable solutions in order to provide global customers with enhanced innovations.

In 2017, Eclipse extended its assembly operations in Cambridge and opened its third U.S. facility in Arizona to support its rapidly growing international business. Eclipse’s workforce also grew to over 385 team members, placing the company in a prime position to continue integrating leading-edge solutions and supporting customers worldwide.