Eclipse’s history is marked by its diversity, innovation and customer-focused approach. Working with top industry leaders, Eclipse is expanding globally to meet market needs.

In 2001, Steve Mai, Todd Ronald, and Richard Bula partnered to combine their strengths and knowledge in automation, manufacturing and software development to create Eclipse Automation, a diverse one-stop-shop. With the company’s rapid expansion, Erik Woerner became a partner in 2007, helping to lead Eclipse’s growing operations. Having numerous Fortune 500 clients, the company is now a leading supplier of custom automated manufacturing equipment for Solar, Health Sciences, Transportation, Mining, Industrial & Consumer and Electronics & Telecommunications industries.

A combination of strategy and timing strengthened Eclipse, through both the acquisition of JR Fabrication in 2007, then Forefront Automation in 2011. The Forefront acquisition was a pivotal moment for Eclipse Automation, as the company established a broader customer base and gained numerous employees with diverse expertise, which caused operations to double in size.

In 2014, Eclipse Automation expanded its operations into the U.S., with facilities in North Carolina and California, to offer customers more flexibility and efficient services. The company also sought out partnerships in countries such as China, Belgium, Ireland and Mexico in order to unify the company’s offerings with changing customer needs on a more global scale. By providing market leadership and leveraging its dynamic capabilities, Eclipse automated approach allows the company to rapidly diversify, increasing its ability to grow and evolve with market trends.