Eclipse Automation attended Automate 2015, North America’s largest showcase of robot, machine vision, and motion control technologies, this past Tuesday. With big name exhibitors like Fanuc, ABB, KUKA, and Denso Robotics showcasing their newest innovations, along with rising companies, like Universal Robots and Rethink Robotics, Automate 2015 was the place to be to see the forefront of innovation for the automation industry. Our purpose in attending was to reconnect with our partners, network with like-minded companies, and discover the newest innovations hitting the world of automation.
Collaborative robots were a hot topic during the tradeshow, demonstrating humans and robots easily working together to increase operational productivity. These collaborative robots offer manufacturers a new way to look at automation, providing modern, safe tactics to traditional stand-alone operations.

Collaborative robots are ideal for applications that require flexibility and versatility, like line loading and unloading, machine tending, material handling or testing and sorting. Many robots now have sensing technologies built into their joints, enabling robots to reduce speed or change position when an operator is within range. These types of robots are not for everyone. Manufacturers must look at the type of system they are creating, mechanical performance, levels of interaction, and potential hazards before deciding if a collaborative robot is the right fit for them.

Today is the last day for Automate 2015, which runs from Monday, March 23rd to Thursday, March 26th at McCormick Place North in Chicago Illinois and is held once every two years. Eclipse had an amazing time viewing all the different exhibitor industries, which included vision and imaging technology, safety products, material handling solutions, and software systems.

Looking forward to Automate 2017.

Universal Robots unveiled its UR3 collaborative robot at Automate 2015 Monday morning, its first showing in the US.