September 2017

Industry 4.0, The New Manufacturing Generation

The Industry 4.0 was first introduced as a German initiative to start developing the virtual version of a manufacturing procedure. This technological advance envisioned the “Smart Factory” or “Smart Manufacturing” in order to change the […]

April 2017

Toyota’s New Robotic Brace Helps People With Paralysis Walk

Festo’s OctopusGripper Opens Door For Easier Human/Robotic Collaborations

Solar-Powered Graphene Skin Provides Feeling to Prosthetics

March 2017

Elon Musk’s New Venture, Neuralink, Could Create Real-Life Cyborgs

Smart Glasses That Automatically Adjust to Your Eyes

New Technology for Multiple Sclerosis Helps Improve Mental Processes

This Low-Power Artificial Synapse Could Potentially Interface With the Brain

UPS Does Its First Automated Drone Delivery Test

Manufacturing & Automation Are Quickly Changing To Meet Customer Needs