With the Smart Automation Group Summit in full swing, discussions this morning focused on ITE Automation, with more technical topics involving Insys scheduled to occur later in the afternoon.

The Smart Automation Group understands the importance of implementing solid structures and focusing on future opportunities. They also know that clear objectives, good communication, support and trust are key building blocks to a successful collaborative partnership. Many of these same qualities can be found when looking at sports teams. As a means to have fun, but also enjoy these qualities in a less professional setting, our partners will be attending the World Cup of Hockey this evening.

As the World Cup continues to roll on for Team Canada today, they will face Team Europe for the first time in the tournament. Both teams are currently tied atop Group A in the standings, and are fighting to see who can hold on to that spot as the group stage comes to a close. With the competition so intense, this looks to be a thrilling game that all our partners can enjoy!