Eclipse Lounge Eclipse Automation’s new employee lounge at 110 Thompson Drive is officially open. The perfect mixture of modern and classic styles, the lounge pays ode to the past with large black and white photos of old-style manufacturing and automation, while still maintaining a modern style and color scheme.

Games, such as larger-than-life Scrabble, Foosball, Pool and Darts encourage employees to have fun together, helping to raise commitment and creativity levels while reducing workplace stress. Quieter work areas feature blackboards and comfortable seating to help to promote enjoyable collaborative efforts. Additionally, a custom boardroom able to accommodate up to 16 people is integrated with modern technology and conference call capabilities for the convenience of employees and clients.

At Eclipse Automation, we believe that a healthy work environment and healthy lifestyles contribute to our overall business excellence. The lounge, much like the employee gym, is an initiative that will help to not only promote health in the workplace, but to also build stronger relationships with our employees.

For more information about Eclipse Automation’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, click here.