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Cambridge, ON – January 5, 2014: Eclipse Automation’s newest facility at 110 Thompson Drive commenced operations today, adding an additional 15,000 sq. ft in order to offer customers more flexibility and efficient services.

Steve Mai, President of Eclipse Automation, explains that “the new facility is the next step in expanding service offerings. It will allow a greater focus into manufacturing capabilities and establish a more refined footprint at the 130 Thompson Drive Head Office, leading to greater efficiencies in meeting customer’s turn-key automation needs.”

Located between Eclipse Automation’s Head Office and Fabrication Facility, the new development will house machining, service and software departments, helping to unify the company’s offerings with changing customer demands. The expansion will also increase Eclipse’s operational capacity, enabling the company to generate new opportunities that would have otherwise been unattainable.

“Another new facility is definitely exciting news for Eclipse and our customers” says Steve Mai.
“Continued investment in complete in-house automation services, internal automated operational systems development, quality assurance, diversity and our global expansion have been instrumental to our continually increasing market share.”

The additional growth and restructuring in Cambridge is a pro-active response in light of Eclipse’s recent global expansion into the U.S. in both North Carolina and California. Eclipse Automation believes that offering greater operational capacities provides clients with the best service from beginning to end.

About Eclipse Automation

Eclipse Automation is a leading supplier of custom automated manufacturing equipment for the energy, health sciences, transportation, consumer/industrial and telecommunications/electronic industries. Working on a global scale, Eclipse Automation partners with companies of all sizes to build efficient and profitable assembly and testing operations.


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