Once a year, Siemens Industry brings sales and business units together to participate in its week-long Siemens Industrial Academy (SIA) event. Focused on personal and professional development through different training classes highlighted around products, services, selling skills and best practice sharing, the SIA offers employees the opportunity to collaborate with peers, reflect on annual successes and share the vision for future years.

Since the event is typically only available for Siemens employees, a special exception was made for Eclipse Automation Southeast’s President, Eric Nitsche, to be involved in the Totally Integrated Automation Track 2 (TIA-2) course titled “Selling Totally Integrated Automation to Machine Builders”.

The course was comprised of four different groups from the industrial sales team who rotated through TIA-2 and other classes that were offered in parallel. Over 170 people participated in the course and had the unique opportunity to learn first-hand about a custom machine builder’s perspective on the market, key concerns and needs, plus challenges that machine builders face. The overall feedback from the attendees was very positive, with some calling TIA-2 insightful, well worth their time, and a best practice for future sessions.

“Thanks to everyone at the Siemens Industrial Academy held at the Chateau Elan in Braselton GA on Wednesday November 16th. “ said Eric Nitsche, President at Eclipse Automation Southwest. “ It was an honor and unique privilege for Eclipse Automation to take part, and I’m hopeful our contribution was informative and helpful.”

At Eclipse, we understand that our actions can affect our clients, partners, employees and the local community. For this reason, Eclipse Automation strives to be an accountable, transparent company whose main focus is to enhance its existing and potential relationships through its operations and practices.