Take Our Kids to Work™ Day at Eclipse Automation was a success again this year. A total of 3 teens joined the initiative on Wednesday, November 1st.

The agenda for the day included orientation to review company information regarding health & safety procedures, an overview of the importance of PPE in the workplace and a review of our “Young and Vulnerable Workers” program. The Grade 9 students also received a tour of Eclipse’s facilities, a demonstration of our 3D printing machine and were able to participate in a 3D building process session. After a lunch break in the Employee Lounge, they continued their journey by job shadowing to learn the important role their parents play in the company.

Take Our Kids to Work™ is an annual program which invites more than 250,000 Grade 9 students to spend a day of career exploration and career readiness in the workplace of a parent, relative, friend or volunteer experiencing and learning about the world of work. Held on the first Wednesday of November, more than 75,000 businesses and organizations participate across Canada.

To learn more: bit.ly/2gWNqR7