Festo, a German robotics company, has created a octopus inspired robot able for material handling. The OctopusGripper is a type of robotic ‘hand’ able to perform pick and place functions through the use of two rows of silicon suction cups.

The gripper consists of a soft silicone structure, which can be pneumatically controlled. When compressed air is applied, the tentacle bends inwards, wrapping around the respective item in a form-fitting and gentle manner. Once wrapped around the object, a vacuum applied at the suction cups, making the object adhere securely to the gripper, enabling it to hold a variety of shapes.

Festo is currently testing the gripper on two pneumatic lightweight robots at once, which were developed in the Bionic Learning Network: the BionicMotionRobot and the BionicCobot. Both robots are thoroughly pliable and can be infinitely stiffened in terms of their kinematics. They can therefore interact directly with people. Even in the event of a collision, they are harmless and do not have to be shielded from the worker like conventional factory robots.

Robotic advancements, much like the OctopusGripper, enable Eclipse to provide clients with the most sustainable, quality, technology solutions. Our extensive experience provides clients with a diverse range of quality automation solutions for human/robot integrated projects, including material handing and assembly, enabling you to optimize your production lines in a safe and cost-efficient manner.

Source: Wired