As technology advances rapidly in the medical care field, surgical glues evolve to becoming the latest healing solution; shortening recovery time and reducing future complications to the patient. Most recently, a collaboration between the University of Sydney, Harvard University and Northeastern University developed a new medical device, called MeTro, an adhesive surgical glue formed by natural and flexible materials to seal tissue wounds in 60 seconds.

Researchers confirmed that the gel-like material solidifies by getting in contact with the skin and locking the open wound instantly. This high-end technology uses degrading enzymes and elastic proteins with light-sensitive molecules that react when exposed to UV light.

Given its fast-acting capabilities, MeTro plays a key role in emergency situations such as car accident or war zone by eliminating the need for sutures or staples particularly in tissues that expand and contract such as lungs and heart.

Technological advancements such as MeTro are significant within the Life Sciences industry as they improve traditional medical procedures and reduce patient risks. With the constant rise of new technologies, the medical device field has evolved, and so our automation solutions.

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Source: New Atlas