Eclipse Receives Employer of Distinction

Alumni at Conestoga College recently recognized Eclipse Automation with the Employer of Distinction Award at a celebration held in late March. The annual event at Conestoga’s Doon Campus pays tribute to exceptional co-op students and employer partners.

“Employers and mentors welcome our students with open arms providing them valuable, real-world experience to enhance their overall learning. We’ve also seen examples of the value our students bring to employers helping their businesses thrive. It’s a partnership that we value greatly,” states Paul Osborne, Associate Vice President of Marketing and Community Relations, Conestoga College.

“Eclipse is honoured to be part of Conestoga’s distinguished pool of students and local employers who were presented with awards at this event,” mentions Steve Mai, President and CEO, Eclipse Automation. “When students join our team, the goal is to immerse them into our work culture, cultivate an environment where they can apply their knowledge and build-on skills, as well as nurture professional relationships. We are grateful to be part of their journey.”

Eclipse values the co-op experience and has many co-op students within the organization. Dylan Lee, a second year Conestoga College student states, “My Co-op experience at Eclipse is more than I had anticipated. I work in project teams with engineers and apply my knowledge from the Robotics and Automation classes at Conestoga. In the quoting and concept development process I work with CAD software and robot cell and systems integration to develop custom automated solutions. I have also had an opportunity to communicate with suppliers and customers and attend industry demonstrations featuring new technology. My time as a Co-op Applications Engineer has been invaluable.”

Eclipse would like to thank Conestoga College and the Alumni for the Employer of Distinction Award.

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