Tech & Automation Day 8 – Project Management

As technology evolves, expert guidance is needed to provide insight and offer solutions that keep clients at the forefront of their industry. Eclipse Automation feels that being customer-focused throughout the entire process enables us to provide clients with the best solutions to fit their needs, offering the ability to customize processes or technology at any step in the project. Our project managers are a dedicated single point client contact, committed to provide added-value to your projects, whether it’s enhanced safety, efficiency, quality or productivity.

1. New MAGSS technology prevents ice build-up, increasing efficiency and safety while working in extreme temperatures.

2. Automated tattoo process allows artists to digitally create a design and let the robot do the tattooing for them.

3. Elide Fire Ball puts out fires in seconds allowing the user to stay a safe distance away from the danger.

4. Automatic guided vehicles move into the food and beverage industry to improve the movement of materials.