Acura’s Incorporates AI Into Dashboard

Acura has revealed the Acura Precision Cockpit, a stand-alone cockpit concept that compliments the total design of the Acura Precision Concept car. The fusion of tech and design is a strategic move towards a more sporty and tech-like future for the Acura brand.

The Cockpit’s seats, steering wheel and drive mode dial are all inspired by the NSX model. Brushed metal, natural wood, leather and synthetic suede, along with mood lighting provided by amber LEDs, are just a few of the finishes found inside the Cockpit.

Two touch screen displays are located in the Precision Cockpit, a 12.3-inch driver’s display mounted in the instrument panel and a center display placed close to the driver’s natural line-of-sight. Each display has coordinated color schemes that change to compliment the driving mode selected; white for Snow, blue for Comfort, red for Sport and orange for Sport Plus. A unique feature of the driver’s display is the incorporation of car sensors to provide real-time 3D representations of other vehicles or obstacles on the road. Furthermore, these sensors enable the car to predict other vehicles pathways, in order to warn drivers of potential collisions.

The artificial intelligence in the Acura Precision Cockpit is just one example of how modern cars are adapting to rapidly changing technology, offering better user experience and enhanced safety. At Eclipse Automation, our progressive vision capabilities help you to improve the accuracy, efficiency and quality of manufacturing solutions, providing added-value to your entire project.

Source: NewAtlas