Machine Vision for High-Performance

Vision, Optics & Imaging

Integrating vision, optics and imaging systems provides inspection and data feedback that is necessary for conformance and reliability. Machine vision technology contributes to advanced functionality, exceptional accuracy, tolerance, defect detection, speed tests, bar code reading and so much more.

Eclipse Automated Optics Eclipse Automation Vision Optics Imaging

Application Examples

  • Adhesive backing placement alignment
  • Battery cell electricity storage using robots
  • Burr detection for comfort needles
  • Correct fluid dispensing
  • Dimension accuracy
  • Flaw detection and micro-cracks
  • Fluid sensing and detection
  • Laser guided product placement
  • Measurement of parts
  • Moving particles and thermal
  • Multi-camera system measuring coil, pitch and location
  • Position tracking of laser guided robotic seam welding
  • Print label quality
  • Robotic assembly and inspection of components
Eclipse Automation Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

We put quality first and understand regulatory compliance, traceability and safety standards that are relevant to each industry – at home and in international markets. This includes our experience with hazardous substances and sensitive environments.