PDF: Explore the correlation between supply chains and geopolitical issues

ebook cover of the effects of geopolitics on your supply chain PDFCurious about how geopolitics affects supply chain? You’re not alone. In fact at Eclipse Automation, we’ve been on the front lines of supply chain disruptions and have a unique perspective to share with you. To help navigate this intricate landscape, we’ve crafted a comprehensive eBook that delves into the impact of a rapidly changing geopolitical environment on your supply chain. You can download your FREE copy today by filling out the form below.

In addition, our free PDF highlights the strategies that companies and governments are employing to future-proof their supply line infrastructure, and how you can adopt these tactics for your business. Plus, you’ll learn how your team can begin integrating automated processes into your manufacturing line to safeguard your operations from supply chain shocks while increasing your competitiveness.

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In How Geopolitics affects Supply Chain’ we cover:

  • How geopolitics affects supply chain and some solutions are working to easing the backlog
  • What actions supply chain leaders’ are taking to safeguard their investments
  • The COVID-19 pandemic and it’s effects on supply chains worldwide
  • How using a vertically integrated manufacturing strategy can help you overcome supply chain shocks
  • Inflationary pressures and it’s affect on supply chains
  • The US-China trade war and how it has affected all areas of the globe
  • How the Russian-Ukraine conflict has transformed globalization
  • Direct insights from our in-house supply chain expert Dwight Critchley, Director, Global Supply Chain at Eclipse Automation

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