Glider Yacht for the Ultimate Ride

glider-yachts-ss18-15Although speedboats can be extremely quick in open water, waves causing unsafe onboard conditions can often force them to drastically decrease their speed. If a driver fails to slowdown in choppy water, the rough conditions on deck can easily result in injury to passengers or severely damage the boat.

In the past, some boat models have been designed to provide extra stability in rough waters, however they were not the most practical design, often sacrificing horsepower for added stability. Glider Yachts have recently designed a unique yacht model called the SS18, a 60-foot yacht consisting of a dual-hull arrangement that allows for a combination of speed, stability, and agility, unmatchable by other boats.

The SS18 glides through the top level of the water, cutting through waves instead of bobbing over each one. This method eliminates all up and down motion while riding, removing possible injuries to passengers which can occur in a mere 2 to 3 foot chop on a conventional boat. As a result of the smooth ride there is no longer a need to postpone trips due to high winds as the SS18 now enables drivers to travel at high speeds even when the water is not smooth as glass.

Glider has designed its hull dynamics to work in coordination with the Stability Control System and powertrain configuration, creating a gliding motion different from completely unique to the speedboat market. The SS18’s power comes from four sub-surface jets, each powered by an independently fueled and controlled 270 horsepower supercharged engine. This 1,080 total horsepower brings the yacht to a top speed of 103 kilometers per hour, even in unstill waters.

While driving in the port, the vessel is directed by two rear engines for a controlled and quiet ride. Once the driver hits open water he or she can max out the two engines to reach speeds of 30 knots, or turn on all four engines for a maximum speed of 55 knots.

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Source: NewAtlas