Hyperloop In Central Europe

Hyperloop_IL_5Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, a direct competitor of the Hyperloop One, has revealed that it is setting up shop in Toulouse, France, taking over a 3,000 square meter facility that will host its research division. The new location is located at Francazal Airport, which is being turned into an “innovation park” by the local government. The city is providing the building along with outdoor terrain at no cost so the company can use it for experiments. Hyperloop TT recently announced a new deal with Slovakia and the Czech Republic to connect Bratislava and Brno with a hyperloop train. Toulouse is the perfect location to manufacture the trains that are going to be used on this line in Central Europe.

The Hyperloop system is a concept proposed by technology entrepreneur Elon Musk, whereby trains can travel at supersonic speeds up to 800mph (1,300km/h) using reduced pressure tubes. Pressurized capsule pods (the train carriages) ride on an air cushion in steel tubes driven by linear induction motors and air compressors, which allows them to go faster than current trains.

Hyperloop One has devoted much of its attention in the US, Asia and the United Arab Emirates, while Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, has focused much of its attention on European cities. It will be interesting to see how this transportation technology progresses in the next few years, especially regarding the domination of global markets.

Technology continues to ignite innovation across all industries, including transportation. Here at Eclipse Automation, our forward thinking team looks to pilot projects much like the Hyperloop, for inspiration on how to incorporate new methods or cutting-edge technology into our customer’s projects.

Source: Techcrunch