Car Wheels Moving In 4 Directions

Parallel parking on busy streets can prove to be quite difficult when obstacles surround the area you wish to park. Exiting the parking spot can be even more of a challenge if drivers who arrive after you leave little room to manouver. To provide an easier option to car maneuvering, a Canadian inventor by the name of William Liddiard created omnidirectional car wheels, allowing vehicles to move in all four directions.

Liddiard Wheels work as well as traditional wheels to provide a stable and safe ride at high speeds. Additionally, when needed, the driver can quickly switch the wheels to move sideways instead of rolling forward, helping to maneuver in and out of tight spaces.

Although other omnidirectional wheels have been invented in the past, no previous models have been as practical and functional as the Liddiard Wheels. Like normal tires, the omnidirectional wheels contain the proper rubber traction and tread to provide a safe drive in all weather conditions.

The wheels require no modifications to the vehicle at all, allowing the user to simply bolt the new wheels onto any car for instant use. The wheel is designed with a rounded doughnut shaped tire which sits in a specialized roller-equipped rim, moving the car horizontally when the tires rotate.

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Source: National Post