Collaborative Robots Enhancing Assembly Lines

Ford Robotic Co-BotsInside the Ford Factory in Cologne, Germany, new employee robots that possess greater strength and precision than a typical worker have been added to the assembly lines. These new employees, called co-bots, are large robotic arms that lift and align heavy parts to complete tasks unsafe and difficult for humans to complete. The robots will not be replacing factory workers, but rather assisting them to complete everyday tasks more efficiently.

Co-bots have a human-like robotic hand fastened onto their arm, enabling them similar functionality to a normal factory worker. Currently, the robots are programmed to lift and align shock absorbers onto Ford Fiestas, allowing factory workers to simply fasten them in place. Workers have already noticed an improvement in their process since the addition of the co-bots, accelerating their pace and decreasing physical strain.

Manufactured by KUKA Roboter GmbH, these three foot tall robots are equipped with high tech sensors, creating an awareness of surroundings. The sensors give the co-bots the ability to sense when workers are next to them and immediately immobilize if they detect any human body parts in their path. This process lowers human error and guarantees maximum safety for all workers interacting with the co-bots.

Product assembly can be a tedious and difficult task, often requiring many factory workers to install just one part of a full project. Eclipse offers multiple diverse assembly styles, from inline and high-speed to clean room and robotic assembly similar to the co-bots, enabling you to enhance the overall production of your manufacturing solutions.

Source: Ford