First Customizable 3D Printed Wheelchair

GO3D printing is continuously offering new and improved solutions to old designs, even to products which have been left unchanged for decades. Layer, a design agency in London, England, has recently created the GO, a newly designed 3D printed wheelchair which they believe will change the way people look at the wheelchair completely.

The concept of GO started as a 6 month research period involving a consultation with dozens of wheelchair users and medical professionals being consulted on the main needs and wants in a wheelchair. Layer worked closely with both users and professionals, integrating their ideas in order to create an outstanding wheelchair tailored to suit a variety of disabilities.

What makes the GO so unique is its customization to each user. In order to provide optimal health benefits and user satisfaction, Layer uses biometric information to map an individual’s unique specifications , creating 3D printed seat and foot rests that are custom-built to fit the user’s body shape, weight, and disability.

The wheelchair seats are printed in a semi-transparent resin combined with thermoplastic polyurethane, which gives elasticity to further increase a user’s comfort. Also, with the use of biometric mapping, Layer ensures that the user’s center of gravity is in line by adjusting the seat placement on the frame. Last, the foot rest is printed to fit the users leg length, foot position and sitting position, and includes a non-slip finish to ensure maximum traction.

The titanium frame of the chair was built as basic as possible, using minimal parts to decrease the weight of the chair. Furthermore, each wheel is made from titanium connected to carbon fiber spokes and wrapped in a molded push-grip for maximum traction.

Much like Layer, Eclipse is customer-focused throughout every step of your project, working closely with you to explore the safest, most efficient solutions that provide the best in production value and quality.

Source: Gizmag