First Electric Transport Truck

Urban eTruckWith approximately two million transports currently operating in the United States alone, trucks account for a large percent of the carbon pollution being produced by vehicles each year. To cut down on the immense amount of truck emissions being produced, Mercedes-Benz has created the Urban eTruck, an all-electric truck able to carry up to 29 tons of packages for local deliveries. Though electric-diesel hybrid trucks have been produced in the past, this is the first full-electric truck to take to the streets, providing no emissions in the process.

The Urban eTruck’s electric engine is powered by a three lithium-ion module battery pack, which offers 200 kilometer range before charging is required. Due to these charging range restrictions, the Urban eTruck offers a pollution-free delivery solution for local distribution, but is unable to complete extended highway trips. Over time though, the small trips will add up to drastically to cut down on the amount of emission being produced for shipping.

Along with the significant pollution cut, the is also more affordable, and is estimated to save an average of $1,120 per 100,000 kilometers travelled compared to the traditional diesel transport truck. Furthermore, with the all-electric engine, the eTruck’s engine is very quiet, cutting back on noise pollution as it drives in urban communities.

Advances in battery designs are continually being produced in order to increase the holding capacity of batteries, while also minimizing the size. Eclipse Automation offers experience in various energy storage methods, including battery assembly and lithium systems similar to the Urban eTruck, ensuring the highest in sustainability, energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness for your custom projects.

Source: TechCrunch