Hybrid Combines Biking and Driving

Schaeffler bio hybrid bike vehicleAs an alternative for individuals who want an electric automobile, but don’t have the money or space for one, Schaeffler has released a smaller and more affordable electric car/bike hybrid. This four-wheel vehicle, named the Bio-Hybrid, runs completely on electricity and leg power, and is able to travel faster than regular bikes with less effort.

At 2.5 feet wide by 6.5 feet long and weighing 176 pounds, the Bio-Hybrid’s size is a fraction of a car, making parking much easier. It contains a mere 250W electric drive power source, which allows it to still stay within the bike regulations for certain European countries, like Germany. On a full charge the vehicle is able to range between 50-100 kilometers, depending on the road conditions and speed.

The bike operates through a pedal-assisted drive feature, which provides extra power as you pedal, reaching speeds up to 25 km/h. This method of power allows for effortless pedalling while still keeping high constant speeds, ensuring you reach your destination on time without overly exerting. To make for easier vehicle control, the Bio-Hybrid contains an automatic gear shifter as well as a reverse gear for getting in and out of tight spaces.

The exterior of the car includes a large windshield and roof around the driver’s area, protecting the user from rain and wind. The driver also has the option to fold down the roof behind the seat, similar to a convertible roof in cars. Furthermore, the Bio-Hybrid includes smartphone integration for further electronic features and an adjustable luggage compartment in the back for easy item transportation.

Environmentally friendly transportation is becoming more popular in society as individuals realize the negative effect car pollution is having on the environment. In order to do its part in helping reduce emissions, part of Eclipse Automation’s social corporate responsibility includes company bikes as an alternative “green” form of transportation available for all employees to use between local facilities.

Source: Treehugger