The Largest Ferris Wheel In The World

new-york-wheel-delay-8A large structure is currently being built in New York, which will be seen from almost anywhere in the city. Titled the New York Wheel, this enormous wheel will allow passengers to see for miles when at its peak, and will attract visitors from across the globe.

Currently, there are only a handful of observation wheels in the world that provide both tourists and locals amazing views of the city. These large wheels attract tourists and give the skyline a unique look, adding to the city’s personality.

The New York Wheel is claimed to become the largest observation wheel in the world, giving passengers a view of the whole city. The wheel will rise 630 feet above the ground, being held together by a large A-frame, 144 steel cables, and a 1,728 foot circumference rim. This frame will support 36 capsules, including three bar capsules and a dining one. Each capsule is able to carry forty people, and come equipped with climate control, AV, Wi-Fi, and security devices.

The New York Wheel will turn at a rate of 10 inches per second, but has the ability to speed up or slow down if required. Completing a full rotation onboard the wheel will take approximately 38 minutes, traveling at its regular pace. For boarding purposes, a terminal building will be built below the wheel, which will hold merchandise, food, and drinks for passengers to buy. Furthermore, there will be an amphitheater, beer garden, and children’s playground all outside the terminal, as a further attraction.

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Source: New Atlas