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3D Printing Spider Robots for Complex Structures

3D printing and robotics are becoming more common in the workplace, enabling factories to raise efficiency by using new technology techniques. A research team at the Siemens Robotic Lab in Princeton, New Jersey has created SiSpis (Siemens Spiders),…

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ATM Precision

From lightning fast conveyors that dispense money, to extreme security measures, each mechanical component in an ATM machine works together seamlessly in order to provide perfectly accurate, instantaneous, quality service. An ATM contains a variety of components that…

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Ultrathin Device Sticks, Measures & Displays Medical Information

If you are an athlete or have health concerns, being able to know medical information instantaneously can be extremely beneficial. Professor Takao Someya along with Dr. Tomoyuki Yokota from the University of Tokyo’s Graduate School of Engineering have…

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BeatBot – A Self-Driving Robot to Race Against Athletes

Athletes are always looking for that extra boost of motivation when it comes to training. For some this could be motivational words from a coach or teammate, while others require the act of competing to get that extra…

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