Data Collection & 3D Smart Toothbrush

brushing-in-the-darkPhilips has recently introduced the creation of their new Sonicare Flexcare Platinum Connected toothbrush, potentially changing the way individuals brush their teeth altogether. This smart toothbrush instructs the user how to properly brush, providing a superior method to cleaning their teeth each day.

Since the invention of the traditional toothbrush in 1938, the simple design of a stick with bristles on the end hasn’t changed much from the toothbrushes we use today. Besides the introduction of the electric toothbrush, which was mostly adopted by children, the toothbrush has never needed many alterations due there being no reason to over complicate the design. However, Philips’ felt that this simplicity wasn’t giving individuals a thorough clean, and decided to give the design a revamp.

The toothbrush itself has very few changes from traditional electric toothbrushes, comprising of rotating bristles which can be set to various speeds. The real changes come from the real-time information provided as you brush, enabling the consumer to improve the cleaning process.

The Sonicare Flexcare Platinum Connected uses Smart Sensor Technology to track the location, movement, and pressure applied to the brush, to improve brushing technique and teeth coverage. The brush also uses 3D mouth-map technology while you brush to show the user their teeth on their phone, informing them of troubled areas which require more focus. A TouchUp feature was included to track the user’s coverage and notify them of any spots they have missed, ensuring an even clean is conducted.

The smart toothbrush connects to the individual’s smartphone via Bluetooth and displays all data through the Philips Sonicare app. To make sure you don’t forget to brush, the app also includes a coaching notification aspect to remind the user to brush and floss regularly.

The data collecting process used in this smart toothbrush requires precise real-time tracking and location analysis in order to provide the consumer with detailed information about their brushing process. Eclipse provides data collection similar to the smart toothbrush but on a much larger scale, ensuring that you receive the very best in product and process control.

Source: Philips