Eclipse – Strothmann Partnership

Eclipse Strothmann Internet Pic Eclipse Automation Inc., supplier of custom automated manufacturing equipment for the health sciences, nuclear, transportation, mining/energy, industrial, consumer and electronics/telecommunications industries, along with STROTHMANN Machines & Handling GmbH, a leading German supplier for automation solutions including mechanical engineering, aircraft assembly, automotive and wind energy industries, are proud to announce a service cooperation agreement.

For both Eclipse Automation and STROTHMANN, this agreement opens up a wide range of future opportunities in providing heightened support to their customers. The partnership will benefit both companies by enabling them to stay at the forefront of innovation, effortlessly meeting current market demands and quickly adapting to future growth.

Eclipse Automation offers a wide range of specialized structured services as part of the service agreement, including production support, electrical engineering, software technology, preventative maintenance, system retrofits, system audits and reports, retooling and system training. Eclipse’s knowledge and expertise, in combination with STROTHMANN’s capabilities, will help to strengthen Eclipse’s current offerings and provide enhanced customer service to existing and new customers.


STROTHMANN develops and integrates automation solutions for new press lines and also upgrades and replaces press automation on existing press lines in order to optimize the production process and achieve a higher efficiency. Furthermore, with the unique Roundtrack floor rail system technology, STROTHMANN enables the use of modern production methods, such as flow assembly lines, which help optimize production processes throughout the value added chain. Founded in 1976, STROTHMANN offers a comprehensive program of handling technologies with a special focus on linear robots.