Bubble Elimination in Hydraulic Machinery

Bubble Process Hydraulic MachinaryHydraulic machinery operates through a fairly simple process which relies on liquid pressure to generate tones of force in a matter of seconds. Consisting of many tubes full of hydraulic liquid, the machine pushes the liquid through one end of each tube and forces it out the smaller, opposite end. Since the liquid cannot be compressed the force is transferred and multiplied by the time it gets to the smaller end.

Although this method is very effective for summoning force, the compression causes bubbles to form in the liquid as it is pushed through the end of the tube which can cause issues for the machine. As bubbles are produced they rub against metal and other materials on the inside of the machine, causing rapid erosion. Over time this will ware away at the innards of the machine, slowly creating failure points in the material, resulting in the machine breaking down. In order to remove air bubbles from the process a bubble eliminator process was invented to ensure hydraulic machines can have a longer life span.

A bubble eliminator essentially works just as a centrifuge would, but with liquid instead of air. Fluid is sucked into a cylinder through two different sides, which begins a rotational flow swirling inside the cylinder. This flow separates the air from the liquid due to the different gravity levels in the substances. The separated bubbles are then transferred out one side and the non-oxygenated liquid is transferred out the other to be reused.

The machine maximizes its efficiency by combining the smaller bubbles before the separation process begins. As used oxygenated liquid makes its way to the cylinder for separation, it first has to travel through a zig-zag path upward. During this journey, the small bubbles are pushed together to create larger bubbles as they near the top, which are easier to separate, improving the overall process.

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Source: Popular Mechanics