Fabric Powers Electronics

fabricAs wearable technology increases in popularity, more diverse products are being created for individuals on the go. These products are convenient to wear but can quickly become a hassle to charge repeatedly, resulting in users often leaving them at home. A team at the Georgia Institute of Technology has recently developed a new material which generates power as the user wears it, allowing small electronics charge as the user is wearing them.

The fabric is a combination of triboelectric nanogenerators and wire-shaped solar cells made from polymer fibers, woven together with wool to create any design. Through a process called the triboelectric effect, the fabric generates power through the friction created as the user wears it. This technique, paired with the wired solar cells, is enough to charge wireless electronics simply by going for a walk in the sun.

Due to the fabric’s flexible, breathable, and lightweight qualities, it can be used for a variety of applications aside from just clothing. Items, such as tents or flags, could easily substitute their current material for this chargeable fabric, due to the low production costs of the material.

Innovative electronics are continually being incorporated into more products, providing efficient alternatives to electronic charging. Eclipse Automation’s extensive experience in the telecommunications and electronics industry enables us to provide you with the precision and efficiency in handling materials and managing quality inspections.

Source: NewAtlas