Controlling A Robotic Arm With Your Mind

Mind-control technology is a growing topic in the medical industry, enabling individuals the opportunity to control robotics and electronics with their thoughts alone. Though proven to be effective, past implementation of this technology has required surgical brain implants, presenting a high risk for patients. As a safe alternative for mind-controlled robotics, researchers at the University of Minnesota created an Electroencephalography (EEG)-based device that covers the user’s head to record their brain signals without any surgery.

In order to create this technology, the research team looked into the geography of the motor cortex; the area of the cerebrum that controls individual movements. They discovered that by moving, neurons in the motor cortex create small electric currents. These electrical signals are captured through 64 electrode sensors located in the EEG cap, each working to interpret and convert them into robot motion.

In order to use this technology, the operator is first taught to control a cursor on a computer screen using their only their thoughts for guidance. Afterwards they progress to controlling a robotic pick and place arm. When tested, 80 percent of trials were successful in picking up objects and just over 70 percent were successful in placing it on a shelf.

New complex technology, such as the University of Minnesota’s EEG cap, require comprehensive data collection and tracking methods to ensure each component is working as intended. Eclipse Automation offers completely customizable process control software, enabling you to enhance operational efficiencies on a scalable level, improving productivity and increasing product quality.

Source: NewAtlas