Engineered Turnkey Control Systems


With over 200 applications, mechanical and control systems designers, we engineer, program and integrate PLC and HMI technologies to improve production, quality, asset management, data collection and decision making on every level.

Eclipse Automation robot simulations

Whether you require controls systems for a new automation system or are interested in modernizing your current set-up to extend the productive life of existing equipment and processes, our technical team can build what’s right for you. Short and long-term aftercare often includes upgrades, retrofits, robot reprogramming, controls integration, line relocations, troubleshooting and equipment optimization.

Turnkey Solutions

Controls Programming

  • Safety devices
  • Full line control systems

PLC Packages

  • PLC programming, architecture, communication, documentation
  • Extensive range of applications

Vision and RFID

  • Software development
  • Image processing
  • Video playback
  • Lighting and optic design


  • Robotic and motion control programming
  • Robotic integration and maintenance


  • HMI and SCADA
  • MES and ETA
  • OEE and PDT
  • SPC, LT, PC, MS, VGC and RS
  • Verification, calibration and loop testing

Process Controls Expertise


  • Experience with the latest software packages available
  • Electrical and mechanical design and engineering

Intelligence Team

  • Analysis and design of data collection, feedback and reporting software
  • Programming, information management, intuitive dashboards and data storage
  • Platform recommendations and full service integration with existing systems and processes


  • End-to-end project management and installation
  • Commissioning teams and controls training
  • Instrumentation and hardware procurement
  • Upgrades, repairs, troubleshooting and optimization
  • Retrofits, robot reprogramming, machine sequencing and line relocations
  • 24/7 aftercare


  • Responsive carriers for electrified monorail assembly line, including wireless communication, hardware, electrical and software design.
  • Multiple large conveyance for power and free procurement, including programming, install, commissioning and training.
  • Production line PLC programming, vision and faulting system, including hardware and electrical drawings.
  • Equipment optimization, PLC enhancement, robot sequence modification and vision system install for parts assembly, coordinated with material handling robots.
  • Hardware design and controls engineering for six spot welding lines, including commissioning and part-run support.
  • Modification of PLC code for existing complex welding line.

  • Production support for stacker cranes and conveyors.
  • Upgrades to robotic palletizing structure for food production lines.
  • Self-contained drinking water processing unit for military.
  • Integration of a reverse osmosis system for a brewery, including electrical drawings, process design, PLC programming and HMI code.
  • Modern controls equipment install and PLC, motion control, electronics and drive replacements.
  • Virtual simulations for automation equipment and robot sequence changes.
  • Integration of instrumentation and pressure relief valves/switches for ingredient ratios, temperature/steam regulation and monitor output.

Other Services

Eclipse Automation robot simulations

Engineering Design

From robotic machine controls to large scale plant controls, our technologists are leading edge designers of safe, dependable and serviceable automation systems. Ask about our simulation services.

CAD Services

Our AutoCAD specialists provide detailed electrical drawings to support your system. We can provide design packages rapidly through know-how and an extensive library of CAD templates. Hourly rates or full project quotes are available.