Accelerated success with Life Sciences automation

Life Sciences

The pace of today’s Life Sciences innovations requires an automation partner with the know-how to help guide you in the effective planning of your automation strategy. In an industry where accelerated timelines and a requirement for high quality products is paramount to success, we can deliver.

Eclipse has extensive experience in Life Sciences automation and will work with you to create a medical device manufacturing automation strategy which will provide a volume ramp-up plan that meets your manufacturing goals, get your product to market faster and maximizes your ROI by providing the right level of automation at the right time, all within cGMP requirements.

Simply reach out to us to discover what our medical device assembly automation can do for you or to ask for a quote. Learn more about what we can do for you below.


  • Point-of-care diagnostic cartridges
  • Diabetes care (CGM & insulin deliver)
  • Wearable monitoring devices
  • Cardiac monitors
  • Smart auto injectors
  • Contact lenses
  • Orthopedic implants
  • IV tube sets
  • Lab automation
  • Medical device battery assembly
  • Personal care products
  • Surgical devices and tools
  • Catheters
  • Medical filters
  • Bioprocessing bags

Specialized expertise

  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
    • Design to cGMP
    • ISO 9001 controlled procedures and documentation
    • GAMP 5® procedures and documentation
    • Easy to clean design
    • Cleanroom compatibility
  • High precision, high speed automated assembly
    • Vision based active alignment
    • Precision motion and tooling
  • High accuracy dispense system
    • Reagent dispense
    • Epoxy dispensing
    • Cyclohexanone dispensing
    • Lyophilized bead dispensing
  • Test system
    • Precision leak testing
    • Vision based defect inspection
    • Electrical and hi-Pot testing
  • Track & trace applications
    • Smart factory
    • SCADA compliant (21 CFR Part 11)
    • MES compliant (21 CFR Part 11)
  • High accuracy laser welding
  • Plastic parts bonding technologies
    • UV, vapor and thermal cure epoxies
    • Ultrasonic and radio frequency welding
    • Ultrasonic bonding
    • Heat staking
    • Spin bonding
  • Web processing
    • Continuous motion web processing
    • Asynchronous web processing
  • EX rated environments

Automation consulting & value added services

  • Proof of principle
  • Volume ramp-up strategy 
  • Planning and budgeting 
  • Process development assistance
  • Design for manufacture recommendation 
  • Robot and line simulations 
  • ROI calculations 
  • Develop equipment specifications 
  • Process risk assessment 
  • Validation support


Eclipse has developed a signature quality process utilizing ISO 9001:2015 controlled procedures and documentation recommended by the ISPE Good Automated Manufacturing Practice (GAMP 5® guidelines) and FDA cGMP.

From the design and build through to testing and documentation, our validation protocols assure consistency, traceability, quality, and compliance to manage risk in highly regulated environments.

Data Systems

Access to real-time data throughout your manufacturing operation can have many advantages including:

  • Enhanced product traceability
  • Operation performance visibility
  • Ability to react faster to changing demands

The converging data from IT/OT presents significant opportunities and Eclipse Automation, as part of Accenture Industry X, has the unique complement of expertise in data architecture solutions across your enterprise. To find out more about how we can help, click here.

If you are looking for a partner to assist in developing your medical device manufacturing automation volume ramp-up plan, Eclipse is here to help.

To discuss your manufacturing challenges and request a quote or consultation, reach out to us.