Hydrogen Fuel Cell manufacturing automation

Hydrogen fuel cell manufacturing

As the world searches for alternatives to fossil fuels to meet the demands for sustainable sources of energy, Hydrogen Fuel Cell technologies are proving to be a viable solution.

Eclipse Automation has become a leader in supporting clients’ needs for Hydrogen Fuel Cell manufacturing automation.

As new advancements in Hydrogen Fuel Cell development continues, we can assist in new automated process development as a first step toward high volume hydrogen fuel cell production automation.


  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell stacking automation
  • Electrolyzer Assembly
  • Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) assembly automation
  • Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA)

Specialized experience

  • PEM and GDL material cutting & handling technologies
  • Web handling systems
  • Surface treatment technologies
  • Adhesive dispensing & curing
  • Separator sheet handling
  • Precision stacking
  • Vision guided motion/alignment

Data Systems

Access to real-time data throughout your manufacturing operation can have many advantages including:

  • Enhanced product traceability
  • Operation performance visibility
  • Ability to react faster to changing demands

The converging data from IT/OT presents significant opportunities and Eclipse Automation, as part of Accenture Industry X, has the unique complement of expertise in data architecture solutions across your enterprise. To find out more about how we can help, click here.

If you are looking for a partner to assist in developing your Hydrogen Fuel Cell manufacturing automation volume ramp-up plan, Eclipse is here to help.

To discuss your manufacturing challenges and request a quote, feel free to reach out to us.