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What’s Unique About Eclipse?

Mitigating Risk – By Process:

Any custom project carries some amount of risk – what matters is your ability to proactively identify those risks and mitigate them to avoid negative impact on your cost, quality, and schedule. Through our processes, Eclipse identifies any technical and schedule risks already at the proposal phase, then creates an actively managed Risk Register with assigned actions and dates to mitigate those risks, to ensure they don’t affect schedule.

Vertical Integration

Eclipse has adopted a Vertically Integrated business model to allow us to control all tasks on the critical path of the schedule in-house. This includes design, machining, fabrication, panel build, mechanical assembly, electrical wiring, integration and service. This further enables us to provide accurate quoted lead times, adapt to changes more rapidly and ultimate deliver on our schedule promises. It also allows us to ensure quality of the final solution by maintaining full control of the processes and variables.

Global Collaboration

Global manufacturing operations require a partner who can match your needs on a global scale. Eclipse is able to realize the full potential of our network of internal resources by using common procedures, design practices, and software between all global facilities, enabling collaboration and project execution to be achieved across large integrated teams and multiple global sites. The benefit to our clients is in our ability to build and service more locally, with common standards of quality, regardless of which Eclipse business unit you work with globally. This is particularly important on large, globally deployed automation programs to ensure quality, schedule, and cost are optimized.

Shop Floor to Top Floor – Digital Manufacturing Specialists

Having solid data across your manufacturing operations allows better decisions to be made faster. Eclipse Automation is now part of Accenture, offering our clients further value, through Accenture Industry X’s expertise in digital manufacturing solutions. By creating options that connect data across your enterprise with advanced data analytics and product traceability, automated manufacturing operations can be scaled faster than ever before. Learn more about our Data Solutions.