Build to Print

Build to Print

Are you planning to replicate an existing machine or replicate with upgrades? Eclipse Automation has expertise in providing Build to Print services. With our in-house expertise in machining and fabrication, as well as access to cost appropriate labor centers, Eclipse can provide very cost effective Build to Print solutions for manufacturers.

Value Engineering

For higher volume applications, Eclipse also has experience in assisting clients to lower the overall cost of their machines by first providing a Value Engineering phase. This entails our engineering team reviewing the current design and Bill of Materials with the intention of identifying any strategic changes that can be made to substitute alternatives which still meet the form, fit, and function requirements, yet are more readily available and more cost-effective.

Upgrade and Retrofits

Eclipse can also review your existing machine design, work with you to understand desired areas of improvement and provide solutions to increase uptime, increase throughput, or improve quality to your existing machine design.