Nuclear Industry automation solutions


Nuclear Energy is one of the most efficient clean energy production methods currently available, despite many misconceptions. It is affordable and has decades of proven reliability. The U.S. and Canada, for example, are defined as Tier 1 nuclear countries, those with a full spectrum of nuclear capabilities: research reactors, power reactors, fuel manufacturing capabilities, and research and development.

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Nuclear Energy has massive potential as the dominant clean energy source globally, producing zero carbon emissions and many of the perceived drawbacks associated with a new nuclear plant project, or the risks to the nuclear workforce or global population can be mitigated through innovative nuclear-engineered automation solutions.

Nuclear Energy delivers unmatched efficiency, making it a profitable source of energy for those who use it. While we can’t do anything about the renewability problem, with innovative nuclear-engineered automation solutions that have been developed and deployed from Eclipse Automation, we can produce affordable methods to optimize the safe use of nuclear energy. This will benefit both your workforce and your bottom line.

Nuclear fuel channels

The use of automation solutions in the refurbishment and decommissioning of nuclear facilities helps to make this energy source even more cost-effective and time efficient. Our innovative nuclear-engineered automation solutions reduce the time that humans need to be inside areas of potential exposure or eliminate the need for manual work within certain zones entirely, reducing potential dose exposure, however minimal, to employees.

We are currently solving challenges regarding:

  • The detailed design of an integrated multi-purpose nuclear waste decommissioning and waste extraction system that could safely retrieve, sort and package low-level, intermediate, and high-level radioactive waste
  • Reactor inspection and maintenance and reactor life extension tooling programs with multiple projects in Canada, Romania, and in China over the next two decades
  • Design and manufacture of hot cells as part of an IPD multi-partner agreement
  • Small Modular Reactors (SMR) and large new-reactor builds globally
  • Mock-up testing, commissioning, and operator training of our innovative solutions

No matter what kinds of Nuclear Industry automation solutions your company needs, our Eclipse Automation experts are here to support and assist you plan, prepare, design, procure, manage the project, build and integrate our seamless solution to your final delivery destination. We will use our 20+ years of automation knowledge and skills to help you turn Nuclear Energy into one of the best forms of power on the market. Be sure to contact us to discuss the exponential value we can bring to your nuclear project.