Solutions Moving Us Faster, Cleaner & Safer


Eclipse has been building automation solutions for the transportation industry since the very beginning. From powertrain to exterior, we work with the most progressive manufacturers in the world and can apply proven know-how and advanced capabilities for road, rail, aerospace and marine.


  • Powertrain Component Assembly
    • Clutch Component Lines
    • Fuel Systems
    • Fuel, Water and Oil Pumps
    • Head and Valve Train
    • Transmission Components
  • Body & Structural Welding and Assembly
    • Bumpers and Lift Gates
    • Frames and Unibody
    • Panel Piercing and Riveting
    • Power Mirrors
    • Robotic Glass Installation
    • Wheel Secure Systems
  • Alternative Energy Systems
    • Battery Cell Modules
    • Hydrogen Fuel Cell Lines
  • Electronic Component Assembly
    • Power Actuators
    • Window Regulators
    • Wheel Speed Sensors
    • Power Mirrors
    • Robotic Glass Installation
    • Wheel Secure Systems
  • Seating Component Assembly
    • Lumbar Systems
    • Seat Frames
    • Seat Tracks
  • Interior Plastics and Mechanism Assembly
    • Door/Grab Handles
    • Panel Clips
    • Steering Modules

Eclipse Welding Robots

Specialized Experience

  • Automated material handling and palletized conveying
  • Automatic Guided Vehicles transfer systems
  • Conventional, hybrid and electric vehicle technology
  • Data collection for quality and traceability
  • Part refinement, inspection and defect management
  • Robotic asynchronous high-speed assembly lines
  • Robotic welding cells

Consulting & Value Added Services

  • Design Simulations
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Validation Support & Consulting
  • Process Development
    • Proof of Principal
    • Product Testing
    • Prototype Development
    • Modular Scalable Design
  • After Care: parts, maintenance and 24/7 support