Clean, Safe,
Reliable Solutions


At Eclipse, we offer custom engineered solutions in diverse energy markets such as nuclear, renewable, fossil fuels (oil and gas), storage and pharmaceuticals.


Our team of engineers and technical experts understand the regulatory, safety and operational requirements of high-risk nuclear environments. From heavy tooling and equipment to automation systems that refurbish nuclear reactors, we support the work of decontamination, decommissioning and reactor life extension.

Eclipse is one of only 200 companies that is approved to supply products and services to the Canadian nuclear industry.


  • CANDU® Fuel Bundle Manufacturing
  • Decommissioning
  • Mock-up Testing and Commissioning
  • Reactor Inspection and Maintenance
  • Reactor Life Extension
  • Waste Management


  • Automated volume reduction
  • Field technical support
  • High-precision inspection and gauging with machine vision
  • High-speed welding
  • Reactor component assembly and installation systems
  • Reduce or eliminate critical path process
  • Remotely operated waste extraction

Renewable and Storage

As ‘clean’ and self-generating technologies gain popularity, companies will shift from petroleum to safer sources of power and storage.

At Eclipse, we can harness the natural energies of sun, wind and water with automation solutions for green energy.


  • Battery Systems
  • Cell Manufacturing
  • Component Assembly
  • Grid Connection and Inverter Selection
  • MV Station Construction
  • Panel Test Systems
  • PV Module Assembly
  • Vision Solutions (geometry, warp and measurement inspection, position tracking and micro-crack detection)
  • Wafer Manufacturing

Process Knowledge

  • Curing material handling cells
  • End of line battery assembly
  • Module handling and assembly systems
  • SCADA design and integration
  • Substrate processing systems
  • Substrate test systems
  • Test load cells
  • Ultraviolet potting cells
  • Certified: CSA N299.1 and ISO 9001: 2015