Our commitment to clients

Our Commitment

We believe that in a connected world, businesses need to leverage their strengths across boundaries to increase success and offer opportunities to people, communities and local economies.

Our Mission

Aligning know-how with empathy to provide solutions that are right.

Our Vision

To live up to our name – by inspiring and creating outcomes that change the world.

Our Core Values


Team Work

Great execution matters – this is how we win.



Share goals and do great things.



Courage to create with relentless reinvention.



Take action – own the outcome.



Respect differences and be direct.



Understand and care with passion.



You’re proud to be here and you brag about it.



Embrace discomfort and develop.


Design Thinking

We all have a friend at work – the Data Base – and the people are swell too!

Corporate Social Responsibility

At the very core, our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility inspires our employees, drives innovation, offers personal growth, strengthens our relationships, welcomes diversity, sets a platform for productivity, develops skills and allows us competitive advantage.

Creating Shared Values

At Eclipse, connecting people to causes that matter is vital in creating shared values. They reflect who we are and what we stand for and support accountability, transparency, ethical behavior and respect in and out of the workplace.

Community initiatives that we typically support include sponsoring recreational community sports, supporting local athletes, contributing to various charities and assisting youth in education. Internally, there are many perks and attractive opportunities that support the growth and well-being of all employees.

Making a Difference

Employees at Eclipse are encouraged to share ideas, discuss concerns and foster an environment of collaboration, high performance and mutual respect. We have an opportunity to make a difference and contribute to a thriving and sustainable world and are committed to an engaging Corporate Social Responsibility program following the guidance provided by ISO® 26000.


We embrace confidentiality agreements and respect intellectual property and will not disclose or share our customer list or their work publically. Eclipse is an AODA-compliant Equal Opportunity Employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.

Quality from the Inside Out

To ensure that we continue to offer an outstanding experience for our clients and partners alike, Eclipse practices its own internal stringent quality control. Our supply chain experiences a rigorous approval process and is monitored to ensure capabilities, quality and products are in line with expectations and project needs to extend the productive life of your automated solution.

Environmental Footprint

Internally, our commitment to the environment goes beyond waste management and corporate recycling and includes energy conservation initiatives, eco-friendly bikes and electric car chargers. Our environmental footprint and the well-being of others is vital to every project and we continue to build on automation solutions that improve energy performance, and are sustainable, green, safe and ergonomic.