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The advantage of custom automation in your production line

Automation system with a robotic arm moving a complex electrical part

While automation is great for businesses, nothing beats the advantages of using customized machinery in your production line. Here’s a full list of benefits.

As the years progress, the number of businesses that have switched to fully automating their facility processes has advanced quite rapidly. There are just too many benefits to automation that are hard to overlook, and with the rapid integration of AI and machine learning, it’s hard for most businesses to resist the changes anymore. However, the potential benefits of switching to automated machinery don’t stop there. If you decide to customize your automation systems, there will be even more advantages in store for you.

Not enough businesses know all of these potential upsides. That’s why we’re taking the time to cover each of the main benefits of custom automation in your production line. That way, you can make the most of your new facility upgrades while reaping all the value you can for your company.

Why you should customize your automation

Of course, we don’t expect you to simply take our word for why custom automation solutions are the best avenue for your business. We need to provide the proof. While all businesses experience different types of benefits from their custom options, a few reasons usually appear in each of their lists. Here are the main ones that we think will interest you.

It decreases production times

One of the key advantages of any form of automation is the time this type of machinery will save. Automated machines work much faster than their human counterparts, but implementing customized machines can increase this speed difference even further.

This is because a custom system will be more in tune with what your company needs. Standard machines have a wide variety of functions and applications. They need to appeal to a large number of companies who will use them for different products and systems. While the systems you need will likely be on that list, they aren’t tuned precisely to what you need, leading to a less efficient system.

This will lead your company to waste more time than it should on an unoptimized process. However, starting with a system customized to your specific needs will remove this issue, improving your production times significantly and leading to a more efficient system.

Conveyor belt with bottles of drinking water at a modern beverage plant.

It improves product quality control

While saving time is obviously important to most businesses, one thing that’s even more crucial is product quality. It doesn’t matter how fast your production line is if the end product is no good. Fortunately, customized automation systems help with this problem too.

When you optimize a system to work specifically with the products you create, it will lead to a better product. While it might take additional tuning to turn your automation system into something that creates perfect products every time, using a system customized to your company’s processes is the best place to start.

It lowers overall costs further

In general, most companies first take an interest in automation for their production lines due to the amount of money it will save them in the long run despite the high upfront costs of switching. When looking at the data, though, it’s hard to deny the financial benefits of these types of machines. However, as great as the savings can be from standard automated machinery, they’re even greater when you customize them beforehand.

By combining the advantages of improved efficiency and better-quality products, your business will see significant increases in your overall profits. Plus, your customized machines will use your product materials and resources more efficiently, decreasing production-based expenses.

It makes further adjustments easier

In business, when you start at a base level and try to upgrade from there, it will take a much longer time to reach your desired result than if you’d planned ahead and started from a more desirable jumping-off point. You can apply the same logic to automation machinery.

Buying customized machines will start you closer to your business’s desired result. Since you initially crafted the system with your products and processes in mind, making minor adjustments to better attune them to your goals will be easier. This will lead to a much more desirable experience with greater performance and agility. It creates a unique system for your business.

Finally, the last key advantage of using custom automation for your production line is that it makes a system that’s uniquely yours. In most industries, competition is tight, so you need to find anything you can to differentiate yourself. Being able to advertise that your production line is like no one else’s is a great way to do this. Plus, it will help you lead the way in innovation instead of simply following what everyone else is doing.

Factory worker is programming a CNC milling machine with a tablet computer. engineering and worker woman in safety hard hat and reflective cloth using lathe machine inside the factory.

Why some companies don’t customize their automation

After seeing all these advantages, it’s hard to imagine why every company doesn’t pursue customized solutions for their automation needs. Most of the time, it simply comes down to a lack of knowledge, which is why we’re trying to spread the word on how beneficial customized automation is.

Other times, though, some companies just prefer the initial simplicity of the purchase process of standardized equipment. Maybe they only want to dip their toes in automation to see what it’s like, or they are not sure they have the budget for customized products.

Either way, custom automation is still the best option for companies to get the most out of their machinery. You can’t beat the improved results it offers over any form of standardized machine. While some companies might not be ready for the jump, that’s okay. It’s something that all of them will likely consider someday, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Who you should go to for your custom automation needs

If today is the day for your business to make that leap, you’re already in the right place. Eclipse Automation has been leading the industry in custom automation solutions for more than two decades. We’ve helped many businesses design and assemble the machines and processes they need to enhance their production line operations.

From industrial, to consumer goods, to life sciences, we’ve done it all. We’ve even helped the EV market by providing superior electric vehicle assembly automation solutions throughout the years. No matter what your business produces, Eclipse can help you get the most out of your customized automation machinery.