Urgent Eclipse Project for COVID-19

Medical Devices

It’s in uncertain times that we all have the chance to rise above the chaos and do something that truly makes a difference; an action that has the opportunity to touch countless lives, and simply because we can.

In the past few weeks, community after community and company after company, worldwide, have altered and adapted, shifted focus and changed gears to help fulfill vital needs; needs that only a short while ago, did not exist. It’s the type of drive that, when all is said and done, we, as a collective whole, can be proud of.

Eclipse Automation has joined the efforts and is lending our industry know-how and expertise to the solution. We’re currently in the midst of an urgent project to produce multiple automation systems for a Fortune 500 medical device manufacturer. The systems being created at our Cambridge, Ontario facilities will help our client ramp up production and manufacture larger quantities of diagnostic cards to test blood-oxygen concentration; a critical step in efforts to care for those with respiratory ailments such as what COVID-19 patients are currently facing.

As health ministries around the world have asked for this product to be expedited to help the world’s recovery from this global pandemic, Eclipse Automation is pulling out all stops to meet this need with an unprecedented timeframe for delivery. To do so, we have reprioritized existing projects, added additional resources from other areas of the company and altered shifts to spread out staff in both physical distance and time of day to ensure the safety of all.

Thank you to our clients for understanding the decisions that needed to be made and to our team at Eclipse who not only accepted the challenge, but embraced it. It’s not every day you have the opportunity to be part of something that can help so many people, and at a time when the need is so great.

It’s this dedication, along with our vertically integrated capabilities to produce outstanding medical device solutions, that makes the team at Eclipse Automation confident we will make this important work a success.