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Leading supplier of custom automated manufacturing and testing equipment.

The Eclipse Advantage

We help the world's most progressive organizations, both small and large, to continuously evolve and adapt in the face of constantly changing and increasingly complex business environments. We enable our clients to react with agility to opportunities in the market by delivering ongoing performance improvements that give them a distinct competitive advantage.

Whether you require a single cell assembly machine or a complex factory automation system, our commitment does not waiver.

Our pragmatic, pin-point approach means that we agree upon goals, measurements, and scope up-front and maintain focus to deliver the benefits that you need to succeed. We possess an innate ability to connect an in-depth understanding of the business environment, industry knowledge, and process drivers with our automation expertise to create exceptional outputs for our clients.

We deliver improvements across all areas of automated manufacturing, from design through to the delivery of products. We work with our clients to explore the absolute most efficient solutions, and identify opportunities for improvement across the entire operation to achieve sustainable, long-term benefits.


April 3, 2014

Eclipse Automation is exhibiting at the Automation Technology Expo South 2014 in Charlotte, NC from April 15-16, 2014. Read more here.