Smart Automation Group Summit in Hungary

The 4th Smart Automation Group Summit was hosted by Transmoduls Ltd., at their HQ located in Veszprém, Hungary. The two-day meeting took place on June 13th and  June 14th, 2018. A total of 12 participants from each partner’s companies, attended the meeting including NSW Technology.

From Eclipse AutomationSteve Mai – President & CEO  |  Steve Wood – Global Collaboration Director  |  Gilles Blouin – Director of Business Development

From INSYS Industriesysteme AGMartin Pfister – President & CEO  |  Marc Luginbühl – Head of Sales

From Transmoduls, Ltd.Marton Maar – CEO  |  Lajos Sári – CEO  |  Zsolt Hargitai – Senior Sales Manager  |  Zoltán Loksa– Sales and Service (China)  |  Ferenc Rezsofi – Operations Director

From ITE: Rene Scheurer – General Manager

From NSW Technology: Matthew Perera  – CEO

Following the previous Summit in October, 2017 in Jiaxing, China, the objective of the SAG Summit was to review the Smart Automation Group’s globalization strategy, including recent partner addition NSW Technology, partners’ business development strategies and growth objectives.

On the first day of the meeting, discussions focused on China’s initiation Growth strategy, the group’s overall expertise and capabilities followed by partners’ presentations on key findings on the strategic model. A joint dinner held in Tihani was also included in the agenda for day one.

The second day focused on the Sales and Marketing opportunities. Discussions highlighted the current sales approach and action plans, key customers’ forecasts and joint projects in order to develop new global business opportunities. These were followed by financial updates and a review on the standardization of mechanical design, software and project management procedures within the partnership. The meeting ended with a strategic analysis of the communications strategy and cross promotion marketing opportunities. The 2018 Smart Automation Group Summit finalized with a friendly dinner at Lake Balaton and the Transmoduls team invited partners to a sightseeing tour on the amazing city of Budapest.

Discussions and action plans developed at the meeting, resulted in the identification of priorities and areas of opportunities by maintaining a team-oriented approach, which significantly increases the overall capabilities of the Smart Automation Group.

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